"I can’t recommend Amy Maddox’s editing services enough. I’ve been extremely pleased with her thorough and intelligent edits, her attention to detail, her knowledge in an astonishingly wide variety of subjects, and her professionalism. Your novel, novella, or short story could not be in better hands."

Karin Kaufman, author



"I hired Amy to copyedit my second novel, Autumn Leaves, and I was absolutely thrilled with her work. She gave specific dates on which she could start and finish the project, and she kept to them. Her work was very thorough. She even took care of most of the typos and errors, and my proofreader hardly spotted a thing. Her skills and professionalism made working with her a pleasure. I plan to work with her again, and I highly recommend her to you."

Stephen L. Moss, author


"I entrusted three of my works to Amy—two novels and a short story—and since the beginning she has been able to give me the certainty that the final result would be fantastic. I can focus on writing the story I want to write, knowing that she'll take care of all the big and tiny details that make the text flow without bumps, which is something that readers demand."

Dario Solera, author


"I hired Amy Maddox to proof and edit my past-life novel What Lainey Sees. She was professional, reliable, and skilled. She responded to emails promptly. She scheduled my work as promised. She even finished my project a few days early. Best of all, her edit was thorough, thoughtful, and sharp. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amy at The Blue Pencil. I'll certainly be using her again!"

Laura Langston/Laura Tobias

"I have nothing but praise for The Blue Pencil. Amy Maddox has now edited several of my books and has done such a great job that I—and my books—cannot survive and thrive without her. She's easy to work with, always makes our deadline, and her editing skills are second to none. Awesome may be an overworked adjective, but when applied to Amy and The Blue Pencil, the word fits perfectly."

EC Sheedy


"One of the best decisions I've made was coming to Amy for a developmental edit. She really knows how to point out flaws, missed opportunities, and unnecessary information, and how to polish plot points and accentuate themes. Her input has helped me refine my books and highlight the story I was trying to tell. Amy's comments during a content edit help streamline awkward phrases, clarify thoughts, and fix the grammar that I can't seem to remember. I highly recommend her services and plan on using them again in the future."

N. E. Conneely

A Witch's Concern (A Witch's Path Book 4)

"Amy is the best kind of editor: smart and confident but never harsh. I always knew when I read a review from Amy that I was getting an honest and fair critique of my work. Her comments left me feeling empowered to revise my work to its best potential."

Felicity White, MFA Creative Writing student

"The thing that stands out the most for me is that Amy values the author's voice and considers that when doing her edits. If I had a reason to have something a certain way, she always took the time to listen to my reason. At the end, she may still have felt that it should be different, but I know that she really heard me and I got the best possible advice I could get for my story. Additionally, Amy was the picture of professionalism. She always met my deadlines and was up-front about what she would and would not do for the price I was paying. It made the process clear and worry-free. I would highly recommend her services."

Angela Todd, writer/blogger/photographer

"A good editor is like a pair of Spanx: firming up the body, making the subject look good, and absolutely invisible." –Sandi Layne