Step 1 - The Sample

Send me a 1,500 word sample of your manuscript (about three double-spaced MS Word pages), let me know what level of editing you would like, and I will conduct a free sample edit. This helps you know if my editing style will work for you, and, if you're not sure what degree of editing your story needs, the sample will allow me to suggest an appropriate level.

Step 2 - The Deposit

I will return the sample to you along with a quote for the full project based on your estimated word count. If you decide to move forward, I will invoice you for a 30% nonrefundable deposit, which holds your place on my calendar. I accept payments via PayPal.

Step 3 - Editing

I will read through your manuscript, making suggested changes using the Track Changes function of MS Word and inserting comments or suggestions using the Comments function. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, which is the preferred style guide among professional book editors. In line with CMOS, I use Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. I will return the edited manuscript to you by our agreed-upon deadline. You then decide what changes you want to make to your story; I am always available via email to answer any questions you have about my suggested changes.

Step 4 - Payment

Payment is due in full upon receipt of the edited manuscript. If you have chosen more than one service, the balance for each service will be due upon completion of that step of the project. For example, if you choose developmental editing and basic copyediting, I will send an invoice for the developmental balance when I send that edit back to you, and I will send an invoice for the copyediting balance when that portion is complete. The final price of the project may vary from the quote depending on the final word count of your story using the word count function in MS Word.

Step 5 - Publish!

Please let me know when your book is published! With your permission I like to include my clients' books in the sidebar of the site. This is good advertising for both of us.

"Good writing is essentially rewriting. I am positive of this." –Roald Dahl