Amy K. Maddox, editor
I was so excited to discover that freelance editing was on the list of Things You Can Be When You Grow Up. An avid reader and writer for virtually my whole life, and a grammar geek since the sixth grade (Comma rules! Spelling! Diagramming sentences!), I finally made my love of the English language official when I graduated summa cum laude with my B.A. in English.

In my eleven years as a professional, I've edited websites, newsletters, press releases, journal articles, nonfiction books, textbooks, short stories, flash fiction, and novels. But after my introduction to the world of independent publishing, I knew I'd found my niche as an indie fiction editor. I adore a good story—anything from fantasy to sci-fi, mystery to young adult—and I have the knowledge and experience to help you fix everything from basic grammar to overall story flow.

My mantra is, Write first, edit later. You take care of the first part, I'll take care of the second, and together we will create art.

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." Rudyard Kipling